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South Dakota Medicaid

Medicaid is the nation’s publicly financed health and long-term care coverage program for low-income individuals. Medicaid was enacted in 1965 under Title XIX of the Social Security Act. Over time, federal Medicaid eligibility criteria has changed and covers more Americans living below or near poverty. Medicaid currently covers low-income populations, that include parents and children in both working and nonworking families, individuals with diverse physical and mental conditions and disabilities, and seniors.

The Department of Social Services (DSS) is the designated State Medicaid Agency for South Dakota. Other state agencies also administer programs funded by Medicaid in South Dakota, including the Departments of Human Services, Corrections, Education and Health. South Dakota Medicaid is funded jointly by the State and federal government.

South Dakota Medicaid

  • Improving access to medically necessary medical care for South Dakota families.
  • Improving the quality of medical care recipients receive.
  • Ensuring enrolled providers receive payment for covered services in a timely and proficient manner.
  • Securing Medicaid payments for services rendered.

More detailed information about South Dakota Medicaid can be found under the recipient and provider tabs, or by using the sidebar navigation. To stay up to date with changes to South Dakota Medicaid, join our listserv.


The South Dakota Department of Social Services is in the process of replacing the Medicaid Management Information System with a payment processing system called the South Dakota Medical Electronic Data Exchange (SD MEDX).

SD MEDX will enhance the Department’s ability to meet the needs of individuals by supporting more efficient payment processing, enabling providers and recipients to access important information, and helping the Division of Medical Services to manage South Dakota Medicaid more effectively.

While SD MEDX is under development, the online provider enrollment application and record system is available. Click on Providers for further information.

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For more information on SD MEDX, please email us below or call 1.866.718.0084. Please include your NPI on all communications so we are able to fully assist you.

Surveillance and Utilization Review

Provider fraud, waste and abuse can be directed to the Program Integrity Unit by emailing surs@state.sd.us.