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South Dakota Medicaid Phone Listing

Claims (Status, Payment Questions and Remittance Requests):

800.452.7691 (In-State Providers)
605.945.5006 (Out-of-State Providers)

Dental Claims Status: 877.841.1478

Recipient Eligibility Inquiries:

800.452.7691. (In-State Providers)
605.945.5006 (Out-of-State Providers)

Note: NPI and recipient ID will be required. Refer to billing manuals for details.

Medicaid Fraud Hotline: 800.765.7867

Medicaid Recipient Hotline: 800.597.1603

Primary Care Provider (PCP) Program: 800.597.1603

Non-Emergency Medical Travel Services: 866.403.1433

Economic Assistance: 877.999.5612

Pharmacy Prior Authorization-Optum Rx: 855.401.4262

Provider Enrollment: 866.718.0084

Premium Assistance: 888.828.0059

General Inquiries: 605.773.3495