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Behavioral Health Reports and Data

Data and Outcomes Reports

Publicly funded behavioral health services are held to a high standard of quality and effectiveness. As a result, the Division of Behavioral Health collects data and outcomes pertaining to publicly funded behavioral health services and compiles this information on an annual basis. The annual reporting of this data reflects the commitment made by the Division as well as representatives from mental health and substance use disorder treatment agencies to accurately and consistently report the data and outcomes of publicly funded treatment services. The following reports highlight the many positive outcomes experienced by individuals who received publicly funded behavioral healthcare including: satisfaction with the treatment services received, improvements in their mental health and social well-being, increased ability to control substance use and increased motivation to not use substances, and the use of fewer high-cost services.

Below is the latest State Profile and Executive Summary.

Additional Behavioral Health Data Resources

South Dakota State Epidemiological Outcomes

The South Dakota State Epidemiological Outcomes website is a resource for accessing state and regional data related to behavioral health and substance use/misuse in South Dakota and provides a summary of substance use and behavioral health indicators in South Dakota.

Avoid Opioid Key Data

The South Dakota Avoid Opioid website is a resource for accessing state data related to opioid use/misuse

South Dakota Suicide Prevention Data

The South Dakota Suicide Prevention website is a resource for accessing the most recent suicide data for the state of South Dakota.