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Medicaid Advisory Committee

The South Dakota Medicaid Advisory Committee is a cross-section of Medicaid providers and stakeholders established in accordance with federal regulations.  The committee members provide the South Dakota Department of Social Services, Division of Medical Services with advice regarding Medicaid initiatives while representing the Medicaid stakeholder perspective. The Secretary of the Department of Social Services appoints members, including board-certified physicians and other representatives of the health professions who are familiar with the medical needs of low-income population groups and with the resources available and required for their care; members of consumers' groups, including Medicaid recipients, and consumer organizations, and the director of the public health department.

Current Members:

Mark Burket
Michelle Baack, MD
Jason Wickersham, MD
Lynne Kaufmann
Steven Novotny
Scott Kennedy
Karli Williams, DDS
Bruce Wintle, DSS
Eric Grocott
Belinda Nelson
Mike Diedrich
Leslie Wilson
Darcie Bible
Erik Nelson
Dixie Gailkowski
Ellen Durkin
Sarah Petersen
Colleen Winter

Upcoming Meetings

May 4, 2021
  • Meeting Minutes

  • Past Meetings

    Date Agenda Minutes Meeting Materials
    11/04/2020 Agenda Minutes Health Home Update
    Medicaid Updates
    Medicaid Portal Updates
    Behavioral Health Updates
    Crisis Counseling Program
    FY2020 Disaster Response State Grant
    NSSP Grant Summary
    SD Emergency Grant during COVID-10
    SD Needs Gaps Analysis Overview
    SFY20 Executive Summary
    07/22/2020 Agenda N/A SPA Updates
    COVID-19 Medicaid Response
    Access Monitoring Review Plan
    Community Based Provider Shared Savings Update
    Other DSS Updates
    10/23/2019 Agenda Minutes SPA Updates
    Innovation Grant Summary
    FMAP Report
    Medicaid Prescription Opioid Update
    2018 CAHPS Results
    Health Home Update
    WIC Collaboration
    618 Overview
    Medicaid Online Portal Update
    05/08/2019 Agenda Minutes SPA Updates
    FMAP Report
    SNF Innovation Grants
    Primary Prenatal Care Innovation Grant
    CHW Services
    Core Measures
    11/08/2018 Agenda Minutes SPA Updates
    Administrative Rule Changes
    HEDIS Scorecard Measures
    Health Home Quality Incentive Payments
    South Dakota Medicaid Opioid Prescription Update
    Care Coordination Outcomes
    Health Care Solutions Coalition Update
    05/16/2018 Agenda Minutes SPA Updates
    Administrative Rule Changes
    Health Care Solutions Coalition Update
    Substance Use Disorder Services
    Medicaid Work Requirements: Career Connector Program
    Medicaid Outcomes
    11/15/2017 Agenda Minutes SPA Updates
    Administrative Rule Change
    Medicaid Online Portal Update
    Health Home Financial Analysis
    The State of the South Dakota Health Home Program
    Health Home DataDashboard Handout
    Health Care Solutions Coalition Update
    HOPE Waiver
    12/08/2016 Agenda Minutes SPA Updates
    Medicaid Online Portal Update
    Money Follows the Person update
    Budget update
    Medicaid Report
    Well Child Services
    Tribal Visit update
    Telemedicine Services
    09/15/2016 Agenda Minutes Access Monitoring Review Plan
    04/28/2016 Agenda Minutes Access Monitoring Review Plan
    SPA Updates
    HCBS Updates
    ASA - HCBS Waiver
    DHS, Division of Developmental Disabilities - CHOICES
    CHOICES Waiver Amendment
    CHOICES Provider Map
    Assistive Daily Living Services (ADLS) Waiver Amendment
    Health Care Solutions Coalition Executive Summary