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Work Connections

Work connections focus on barrier reduction, career pathways, and case management. Work is more than just survival. It can be a source of personal growth, fulfillment, and impact. The work connections we help people make may just be a step on the path to the job/career you really want.

SNAP Employment & Training

Are you receiving SNAP Benefits?

Let your SNAP work for you.

The SNAP Employment & Training program will help you prepare for a career and connect you with employers who need your skills.
Every person deserves a pathway to success. Employment success can provide recognition, a sense of meaning and accomplishment, community, added purpose, and independence. SNAP Employment and Training (E&T) is for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients. The program offers recipients job seeking skills, classroom training, and structured employment search, at no cost to participants.


To be eligible for E&T services, a person must:

  • Be a SNAP recipient
  • Apply for SNAP
  • Be age 18 or older (may be 16-17 if already have a high school diploma or working toward a high school diploma or equivalent)
  • Be the Head of Household aged 18-21 and Reside in an E&T Service Area (Minnehaha or Pennington, Counties)
  • Be a SNAP recipient residing in Yankton County
  • Services also available to other SNAP recipients statewide


The goal of the E&T program is to provide SNAP participants with no-cost training and education to achieve self-sufficiency and stability. Participants may enroll in:

  • Education services including:
  • High school equivalency, ESL, and continuing education
  • Short-term certificate, credentialing, or diploma programs
  • Industry specific training programs
  • Job search activities

Possible Assistance

  • Personal Support: Designated E&T Employment Specialist works with each participant to:
  • Complete an employability assessment that addresses education, employment, legal background, aptitude, obstacles, and support systems
  • Identify necessary services and supports
  • Regular communication to monitor needs and progress, provide assistance, coaching and referrals
  • Issuance of financial supports
  • Tuition assistance (including books, fees, and other necessary training materials)
  • Transportation assistance
  • Clothing, uniforms, equipment, tools and materials necessary for training, education, job search and employment
  • Dependent Care Assistance

Contact Information

700 Governors Drive
Pierre, SD 57501

Phone 605.773.4678
FAX 605.773.4855

TANF Work Program

The TANF Work Program assists you by:

  • Providing opportunities for individuals to experience the dignity of work and build a more prosperous future for their families.   
  • Offering personalized support from Employment Specialists who will help you develop a plan and pathway forward and help address barriers to employment.  
  •  Providing assistance to needy families with children to help achieve self-sufficiency. 
  • Helping pay for childcare expenses while you work, look for work, or attend school or training. 
  • Helping with job search, including resume writing and job interview skills, work experience and vocational training. 
  • Providing opportunities to training to increase your skills and get a better job. 
  • Helping get child support payments to care for dependent children.  
  • Providing milestone incentive payments for maintaining employment. 

A job, a better job, a better life

If you are participating in the TANF Work Program, your Employment Specialist will do everything possible to help you succeed. TANF Support Services can help you with some of the expenses of getting and keeping a job, including: 

  • Work clothing 
  • Transportation 
  • Educational expenses 
  • Vehicle repair 
  • Tools and equipment 

Your Employment Specialist can tell you more about Support Services. 


  • To be eligible for TANF Work services, a person must be a TANF applicant or recipient requesting assistance for their own child(ren) 
  • For more information about TANF Work contact 605.773.4678 or for residents of Cheyenne River, Crow Creek, Lower Brule, Pine Ridge, Rosebud, or Standing Rock reservation, contact your local Department of Social Services office. For all other areas of the state, contact your local Department of Labor and Regulation office.

Career Connector

How Career Connector can help you?

Get the practical support you need to:  

  • Complete great job applications. 
  • Create a professional resume and cover letter.  
  • Prepare for successful interviews.  
  • Gain confidence in your computer skills.  
  • Get the education and credentials you need to compete in today’s job market.  
  • Find the right job and career for you 

Career Connector can assist with: 

  • Connecting you to highly trained employment specialists,   
  • Identifying community resources to assist your household, and   
  • Advocating for your long term employment opportunities.

Career Connector Eligibility

If you are insured by Medicaid and live in Pennington or Minnehaha counties, you are eligible for Career Connector.  

Get connected today!  
Call 605.367.5444 x 1000110  
Text “Career Connector” to 605.295.3976 
Email Kate.Derrick@State.SD.US  

If you’re not on Medicaid and want to find out if you’re eligible, apply at

The Department of Labor offers individualized services, even if you don’t live in Pennington or Minnehaha counties.

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