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National Medical Support Notice

The National Medical Support Notice (NMSN) is a standardized federal form all state child support agencies are required to use. It is designed to assist employers, who in the past, received many different types of documents from states to enroll children of parents paying support in employer health insurance plans.

The NMSN is intended to:

  • Simplify processing for employers and plan administrators
  • Improve health care coverage for children
  • Save tax dollars for medical assistance programs

The Division of Child Support issues the NMSN for all child support cases along with the standard Income Withholding Notice when a parent paying support is not providing health insurance coverage and has been ordered to do so. Part A of the notice will inform the employer of the type of coverage required under the order, the terms of coverage and a response form allowing the employer to notify the issuing agency of any reason it cannot provide coverage according to the terms of the order.

If the company can provide coverage, the employer forwards Part B to its insurance plan administrator. The plan administrator has 40 days from the date of the NMSN to complete Part B and a response form to allow the plan administrator to notify the issuing agency of the follow-up that will be taken in accordance with the order, when coverage will be provided and a description of the coverage.