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Behavioral Health Services Workgroup

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A workgroup was formed in 2011 to guide the long term vision of the future behavioral health system. Workgroup members included legislators, community mental health and substance abuse providers, tribal providers, inpatient behavioral health providers, advocacy groups, county mental illness boards, the Unified Judicial System, Indian Health Services, the Department of Corrections, and the Department of Social Services.

Workgroup Members.

The Workgroup developed recommendations by first looking at the structure of the behavioral health system and focusing on current services, gaps in services, and critical service needs. The Workgroup created specific goal areas for improving the behavioral health system in South Dakota as listed below. The Workgroup’s Final Report with recommendations is also linked below.

  1. Increase access to services throughout the state
  2. Build the capacity of local communities
  3. Develop a strategic statewide prevention plan
  4. Define the role of the Human Services Center

Final Report

Behavioral Health Services Workgroup

Prevention Subcommittee

Geriatric Subcommittee

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