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Conferences and Workshops

Teen Conference

The Teen Conference is a multi-day event held every other summer to give youth an opportunity to learn skills and further their knowledge related toindependent living. During the conference, youth stay in a post-secondary educational facility dormitory to experience what life on campus might be like.

The conference includes activities and workshops to assist with independent living skills development, inspirational speakers and social events.

Regional Workshops

Regional Independent Living workshops are held in four sites across the state to provide youth with knowledge and skills to further prepare youth for successful independent living. Pre-registration is required.

Workshop Topics Include:

  • healthy life styles
  • drug and alcohol prevention
  • interpersonal skills and relationships
  • learning employability skills
  • post-secondary education
  • housing and transportation
  • life skills
  • medical and personal wellness
  • nutrition
  • money management
  • career planning

For more information on workshops, please contact your nearest Community Resource Person.