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Driver's, Professional, Hunting and Fishing License Restriction / Revocation

Restriction of a License

The Department of Social Services can restrict the issuance and/or renewal of any driver's license, professional, hunting or fishing license issued by the State of South Dakota if the applicant owes $1,000 or more in past-due child support. (SDCL 32-12-116 and SDCL 25-7A-56)

A person has three options when his/her driver's, professional, hunting or fishing license has been restricted:

  1. Pay arrearage amount in full.
  2. Enter into a stipulation for repayment. The individual must negotiate a repayment plan with the Division of Child Support, Licensing Section, 700 Governors Drive, Pierre, SD 57501 or telephone 605.773.6456. Once a repayment plan is agreed upon, the person will be required to sign a stipulation. Once the original signed stipulation is received by the Division of Child Support, the restriction on any affected licenses will be lifted.
  3. Request an administrative review. If the individual believes his/her license should not be restricted, he/she may submit a written request for an administrative review to the local office handling his/her case.

Revocation of a License

The Department of Social Services can administratively revoke a driver’s license if a person fails to comply with a court-ordered repayment agreement. (SDCL 32-12-116)

A person notified his/her license is going to be revoked for failure to comply with the repayment agreement has three options:

  1. Pay the arrearage in full.
  2. Pay the overdue amount that occurred under the repayment agreement.
  3. If the person thinks the results of the administrative review are legally incorrect, the person may request an administrative hearing.