Laurie Gill
Cabinet Secretary

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Provider Reimbursements and Audits

Guidelines for Completing the Statistical Cost Report

Filing Extensions

Extensions for filing the cost report(s) beyond the required deadline can be requested as follows:

  1. There shall be no automatic extensions for filing the annual report. All requests must be in writing and must be received by the Office of Provider Reimbursement and Audits at least fifteen (15) working days prior to the due date.
  2. Requests must clearly explain the necessity for the extension and specify the date on which the report will be submitted.
  3. Approval of extensions will be granted for good cause only at the sole discretion of the Department, based on the merits of each request. A “good cause” is one that supplies a substantial reason, one that affords a legal excuse for the delay, or an intervening action beyond the providers control. The following are not considered as good cause: ignorance of the rule, inconvenience, or a cost report preparer engaged in other work.

All inquiries on completion of the cost report should be directed to the Office of Provider Reimbursement and Audits at 605.773.3643.