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Long Term Care Spousal Impoverishment Standards

The expense of nursing home or other institutional levels of care can rapidly deplete the savings of couples. Under the Medicaid spousal impoverishment provisions, a certain amount of a couple’s combined resources is protected for the spouse who is living in the community. Depending on the income of the spouse living in the community, they may have a certain amount of their spouse’s income set aside for their use as well.

  • Community Spousal Resource Allowance:
    • Minimum Resource Standard: $29,724
    • Maximum Resource Standard: $148,620
  • Home Equity Limit: $688,000
  • Minimum Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance: $2,288.75
  • Maximum Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance: $3,715.50
  • Community Spouse Monthly Housing Allowance: $686.63
  • Average Daily Nursing Home Private Pay Rate: $275.02
  • SSI Federal Benefit Rate:
    • Individual: $914
    • Couple: $1,371
  • 300% Special Income Limit: $2,742