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Child Support Obligation Calculator

DISCLAIMER: The South Dakota Child Support Obligation Calculator is designed to give you a general idea of what your child support payment may be. This calculator is for informational purposes only. The Division of Child Support or the court assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the child support amount you determine based upon your use of this calculator.

This child support obligation calculator is based on the South Dakota Child Support Guideline laws and is intended to provide the basic support obligation for child support for a combined monthly net income up to $30,000. For a combined net income above the schedule in SDCL 25-7-6.2, the child support obligation shall be established at an appropriate level, taking into account needs and standard of living of the child (SDCL 25-7-6.9).

The child support amount you determine may not be the same amount we may calculate or the court may approve. The calculator provides an estimate and is not a guarantee of the amount of child support ordered by the court. Many factors affect the amount of child support and each situation is different. Deviations and adjustments (for child care, visitation, or other factors) the court may allow are not included in the calculation of the basic support obligation.

The child support amount may be higher or lower depending on the income figures you use in this calculator. This calculator assumes all children will primarily live with one parent. It is not intended to apply to situations where there is joint physical care (the children spend half their time with each parent) or split custody (each parent has custody of one or more of the children).

All amounts listed must be monthly.