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Noncustodial Parent

The noncustodial parent is the person who does not have primary care, custody or control of the child and has an obligation to pay child support.

Below you will find information for noncustodial parents.

  • Application for Establishment of Paternity and/or Child Support:  Alleged father or noncustodial parent may apply for Division of Child Support services to establish paternity and/or a child support order. 
  • Voluntary Paternity Acknowledgment:  To voluntary acknowledge paternity, both parents must sign a paternity affidavit under oath.  By signing the affidavit, the law presumes the named father is the biological father of the child and action can proceed to establish a child support obligation without any further legal proceeding to establish paternity. 
  • Child Support Obligation: The South Dakota Legislature has established guidelines which courts must use to determine child support payments.
  • Modification of Child Support:  If you have a South Dakota child support order and want to modify the child support obligation, a Petition for Modification is required to be completed to initiate the process. 
  • Driver's, Professional, Hunting or Fishing License Restriction / Revocation: The Department of Social Services can restrict the issuance and/or renewal of any South Dakota driver, professional, hunting and/or fishing licenses if the noncustodial parent owes $1,000 or more in past-due child support.
  • Automated Voice Response System: Noncustodial parents can use the automated voice response system toll-free from a touchtone phone to obtain up-to-date information about their child support payments.
  • DCS Customer Connect:  Noncustodial parents can access a secure, interactive website to obtain recent payment information, amount of child support owed, and other beneficial information.
  • Pay Your Child Support Electronically: The Division of Child Support allows child support payments to be made with credit/debit cards and e-check.