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Team-Based Care for Chronic Conditions

Resources for Medicaid Health Homes

South Dakota Medicaid's Health Homes is a form of team-based care focused on transforming care for high cost, high need Medicaid recipients to improve the patient experience, increase preventive and primary care services while improving outcomes for Medicaid recipients and managing costs to South Dakota's Medicaid program.

Reporting Requirements for Health Homes

All Health Homes are required to follow reporting standards as designated by the South Dakota Department of Social Services. The following resources provide information on quarterly core services reporting and outcome measure reporting:

  • Health Home Outcome Measures
  • Outcome measures for Health Home are required to be submitted twice a year:
    • January - June are due by August 31st.
    • July - December are due the following February 28th.

Impact of Medicaid Health Homes in South Dakota

This page breaks down the numbers to show how Health Homes in South Dakota are transforming the way individuals receive care, increasing preventive screenings, and improving the patient experience in a cost-effective way:

Health Homes in Action

Get to know some of the Medicaid Health Homes in South Dakota through these case studies and webinar: