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Psychology Complaint Procedures

Completed complaint forms must be mailed to the Board office at: 810 N. Main St. Suite 298, Spearfish, SD 57783.

Complaints received against a licensee must be in writing, identity the applicant or licensee, and must include the allegations giving rise to the complaint. The Board office may request additional information from you. If you fail to respond, your complaint may be dismissed without further action. Please be advised, the licensee will receive a copy of the complaint and it may also become public record if a contested case is initiated. Upon Board office receipt of a properly submitted complaint, a copy is sent to the licensee. The licensee has 20 days to respond to allegations and concerns in writing to the Board office.

Once a response is received, an investigative committee is formed. This committee consists of legal counsel and may include a board member and/or board staff. During the investigation the existence and contents of the complaint are kept confidential.

After the investigation, if a potential violation was found, the board may:

  • Impose an administrative fine
  • Accept informal disposition
  • Commence formal proceedings by serving a formal complaint requiring the applicant/licensee to respond to the charges in the complaint and appear at a hearing where sworn testimony and/or other evidence will be considered. Following the hearing, the board will make a decision on the complaint.

If the investigating committee determines the complaint is without merit, the board lacks jurisdiction to consider the complaint, or there is insufficient evidence to show a potential violation, the complaint may be dismissed. Regardless of the outcome of the complaint, you will be notified upon disposition.

For more information please visit: or you may contact the Board office at or 605.642.1600.