Laurie Gill
Cabinet Secretary

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Fee Schedule

The board has established the following fees for examination and licensure. All fees are nonrefundable.

  • Application for Licensure: $300.00
  • Licensure fees
    • Applicants granted licensure in the following months:
    • July, August, September - $200.00
    • October, November, December - $150.00
    • January, February, March - $100.00
    • April, May, June - $50 .00
  • Examination
    • The fee for the national EPPP examination is paid directly to the national examination company.
    • Oral examination fees are included in the application fees.
    • Applicants failing to pass the oral examination will be accessed a $200.00 fee to retake the oral examination.
  • Renewal Fees (annual): $300.00