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Guide for Visitors


Having someone hospitalized may be a very difficult and stressful time.  This guide has been prepared to provide information to promote a safe and therapeutic environment for individuals receiving treatment at the Human Services Center and their visitors.  Please ask a staff member regarding any additional questions.  The staff is very willing to assist visitors.


Visiting hours vary by treatment unit.  Please call 605.668.3100 for available visiting hours.  Individuals under the age of 18 may be allowed to visit along with their parent or guardian.  Visitors maintain responsibility for and supervision of children at all times. 

Special arrangements may be made by contacting the patient’s Treatment Unit prior to the visit.  Visiting hours are subject to change depending on the patients’ condition, circumstances on the treatment unit, and administrative discretion.    


Upon entering the facility, visitors are required to report to the Communications Center, which is located at the main front door of the Administration Building.  Visitors will register with the receptionist for each visit.  All visitors over the age of 18 are required to show photo identification.  The receptionist will also assist visitors with signing a required confidentiality statement and a hold harmless agreement.  The treatment area will be notified of visitors’ arrival. 

A visitors identification badge will be issued, which is to be worn at all times during the visit.  Immediately report to staff the loss of a visitor badge.  Visitors will return the badge to the receptionist at the front door of the hospital prior to leaving HSC. 

HSC provides lockers for storage of visitors’ personal items prior to entering treatment areas.  Visitors may prefer to lock personal items in vehicles.  For patient confidentiality and safety the following items may not be brought to HSC: weapons of any kind or anything that could be used as a weapon; cameras, cellular phones, or other recording devices, matches, lighters, alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, tobacco products, and over the counter, herbal or prescription medications. 

For safety reasons, please check with the unit staff before bringing any items since treatment units may have other restrictions for patient safety. 


In order to maximize the treatment environment and for safety reasons, visitors are asked to please obtain staff approval before giving any item to a patient.  All items brought into HSC for patients will go through Patient Services before going to the unit.  This allows items to be added to the patient’s inventory of belongings.  New clothing may be tried on by the patient then returned to Patient Services for marking.

Gifts of cash for patients should be presented to the Admissions Office for deposit into the patient’s account.  This promotes safe handling of money and allows patients to access the monetary gifts.

For safe handling, food that is brought needs to be in the original package, or a sealed plastic container, that can be stored in a locked area. 

Prepared food (fast food, pizza, etc.) can be brought to HSC for the patient if approved by the treatment unit. 

HSC is a caffeine-free facility. Any beverages brought into the facility must be caffeine-free. Due to limited space, please limit deliveries to a maximum of one caffeine-free six-pack of pop/juice brought in at a time.  

Therapeutic patient treatment is HSC’s primary priority.  The patient’s condition, or circumstances on the treatment unit, may restrict visitors or limit the number of visitors permitted with the patient.  A visit may need to be terminated at any time, if it is determined to be in the best interest of the patient. 

Patient safety is necessary.  HSC reserves the right to have visitors escorted from the premises if visitors are creating a disturbance.  Visitors promoting or involved with any criminal acts will be reported to law enforcement.

By state law, HSC is designated as a tobacco free campus.

The campus has a 15 mph speed limit, with additional posted traffic and parking regulations.  Parking is provided, for visitors’ convenience, near the main front door of the Administration building.  Visitors are asked to remove the keys from vehicles and lock the vehicle. 

HSC accepts no responsibility for loss of valuables, accidents or injury to visitors. 

Some individuals are restricted from having visitors.  Therefore, fraternizing with other patients or Mike Durfee State Prison Yankton Minimum Unit inmates is prohibited.  


Most patients enjoy receiving mail.  Address cards and letters to:  
SD Human Services Center
"Patient’s Name", "Treatment Unit" (if known)
PO Box 7600, Yankton, SD 57078-7600

Special delivery companies may require a street address. In those cases, use the address "3515 Broadway Avenue." 

Patients often welcome telephone calls.  Most patients can receive brief calls, preferably between the hours of 8:00am and 10:00pm.  To telephone patients dial 605.668.3100.


HSC Communications Desk:  605.668.3100
Admissions Office/Main Desk:  605.668.3138 and 605.668.3139 / Fax # 605.668.3429


For information on organizations available to provide support in your community, please contact:

  • South Dakota Division of Behavioral Health at 605.773.5990;
  • Division of Alcohol & Drug Abuse at 605.773.3123;
  • National Alliance for the Mentally Ill  (NAMI-SD) at 1.800.551.2531; or
  • South Dakota Advocacy at 1.800.658.4782.


The SDHSC is located on Highway 81, approximately 1/2 mile north of the Highway 50 and Highway 81 intersection on the north edge of Yankton.  In that area, HSC is the only driveway on the west side of Highway 81.  HSC is located directly across from the Wilson Trailer Company.  Upon entering the campus, visitors will see a circular cul-de-sac around a flag pole.  Located near the flag pole is the main entrance to the HSC Administration Building.  The Communications Center receptionist is located just inside the front entrance and can assist with visitor registration.  Visitor parking is allowed in the front parking lots.