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Training and Education


fit careOne in 5 children under the age of six are overweight or obese.  Plus, more are being diagnosed with obesity-related conditions that were traditionally only seen in adults – like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.  Child care providers are in a unique spot to help prevent childhood obesity from the start.

The fitCare program was developed through a partnership between the SD Department of Health, SD Department of Social Services, Sanford Children’s and Sanford fit.

What is fit?
The fitCare program emphasizes a holistic approach to living a healthy lifestyle and considers being fit as the ability to interplay between nutrition, physical activity, emotional management and rest to achieve a healthy lifestyle.  These four facets combine to create fit.

What is the fitCare Program?
The fitCare Program was developed to help South Dakota child caregivers develop and maintain a ‘healthy’ child care program environment.  Research suggests that if children start learning healthy habits at a young age, these healthy habits will most likely follow them as they grow older.

fitCare provides participants with the education and support to identify best practice to support a child’s development of healthy lifestyle habits with their programs and to plan for program improvements when needed.  fitCare provides caregivers with the knowledge and skills to:

    1. Teach the children about making healthy lifestyle choices.
    2. Educate the parents about healthy lifestyle choices in the home.
    3. Be a role model for the children in their care regarding healthy lifestyle choices.

The fitCare Program consists of four steps:

  • Step 1:  8 Hours of fitCare Instruction
  • Step 2:  Complete the fitCare Pre Self-Assessment
  • Step 3:  Action Plan and Technical Assistance                                                                                             
  • Step 4:  Complete fitCare Post Self-Assessment                                                                                            

fitCare Flyer

To find a class near you, caregivers are encouraged to contact their regional Early Childhood Enrichment office.