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Emergency Preparedness and Response

Child Care Services Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan

Child Care Provider Information

Federal law associated with the reauthorization of the CCDBG Act of 2014, and licensing regulations for South Dakota, require all registered and licensed child care providers to have a written emergency and response plan. This Emergency Preparedness and Response Planning Guide was developed to assist child care providers with the process of creating such a plan that includes the following:

  • Procedures for evacuation of the facility or family home;
  • Procedures for relocation of the children should the current location be unsafe for the children;
  • Procedures for shelter-in-place should the outside area of the day care become unsafe; and
  • Lock-down procedures for keep persons out of the day care;
  • Procedures for communicating the plan with families; and
  • Accommodations for infants and toddlers; children with disabilities; and children with chronic medication conditions. 
  • All helpers are required to be notified of this plan; and
  • Conduct practice drills to ensure providers and staff, including helpers, are prepared for an emergency.

Providers have the option of researching best practice and developing a plan to fit their program needs that includes the required areas listed above.  Or, they can use the following emergency preparedness plan template.  If a program already has a written emergency plan, please identify within that plan all of the required areas and the licensing specialist will verify compliance at the next licensing visit.

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