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Orientation and Ongoing Health and Safety Training

Orientation Training Opportunities

Orientation and Ongoing Health and Safety Training Instructions

Orientation Training Information

South Dakota Child Care Provider Orientation Training
free online/on-demand training specific to South Dakota child care providers and meets the new federal requirements. The training is 6 hours long.

Recognizing & Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect
Training required for recognizing and reporting child abuse and neglect is now available on the Department of Social Services, Division of Child Protection Services website. This online/on-demand training is one hour in length and is a federally required topic for orientation training.

To access the Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect Training:

    1. Visit DSS Video Training for Mandatory Reporters
    2. Under "Other Links" on the right hand side of the page, find and click on "Training for Mandatory Reporters".
    3. Click on the"Begin Video" button at the bottom of the page.
    4. Complete the registration information using "Licensed or Registered Child Welfare Provider" for the Reporter Type.
    5. The training is about one hour in length and the time it takes for you to complete may vary.
    6. The session contains six modules; you can pause, rewind and resume throughout the session.
    7. If you cannot complete the session in full, you will have to start again from the beginning.
    8. At the end of the training you will be able to print a certificate of completion.

This training has been made available through federal Children's Justice Act Grant funding, the Department of Social Services, in collaboration with the Justice for Children's Committee. The overall goal of the training is to help assure effective responses to children who are unsafe due to child abuse and neglect.

Orientation Training Verification Form

Level II Health and Safety Training
The Level II online, on-demand series meets ongoing training requirements for staff working in state licensed and registered child care programs who have completed the Level I SD Orientation to Child Care training series. The Level II training is to be completed within 5 years from the date the Level I orientation training was initiated. Classes in the Level II Training briefly review content from the 12 topic areas covered in the Level I SD Orientation classes as well as take a deeper look into each area. Completion of these classes will count towards your annual licensing training hours.

This training series can be taken over a short span of time or it can be taken over the period of 5 years from the time the initial SD Level I Orientation training is initiated to the 5-year deadline.

If you experience any technical issues with accessing the training or obtaining the training certificate, you may contact the Child and Family Resource Network at 800.354.8238.